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A Digital Signature (DSC)

A Digital Signature (DSC) is an electronic security mark. This certificate ensures that you will not be sending sensitive data to a hacker or imposter site the browser also makes sure the domain name matches the name on the CA and that the CA has been generated by a trusted authority like us. PKI based digital signature (DSC) is cost effective with low price compared to other digital signature in the world. Digital signature reduce paper consumption as well as costs of transmission and storage.

Types of Digital Signature (DSC)

Class-2 DSC - For IncomeTax Returns e-filing, MCA 21 & ROC, LLP, TDS Certificates, VAT Returns.

Class-3 DSC - For MCA21, ROC, Incometax, DGS & D, Northen Railway, IRCTC, e-Tendering, Trade Mark,e-procurement and other departments & organisations. Digital Certificates shall be used to access the website and authenticate the vendors. Vendors like E-Tendring etc. Vendors shall have to procure legally valid Digital Certificate issued by a Licensed Registration Authority (LRA) or FC like us.

DGFT -For Importers & Exporters.

Pan Based DSC

PAN is an additional feature in digital signature (DSC), PAN in digital signature needed for ITR filing purpose effective from 01-08-2010, the technical guidelines were issued by CCA, in early Dec-2009. With effect from August 2010, all Certifying authorities may issue DSC with encrypted PAN.

Timely Support

Timely support for our clients is very important to us. We here understand our clients in a way no one does. We provide our well thought out and often much better than the expectation of our clients about Digital Signature & Taxation Software.

Security Certificate

This certificate ensures that you will not be sending sensitive data to hackers or imposter sites,As browser also authenticate domain name with CA name & that CA has been generated by trusted authority which bears a valid (DSC).

Income Tax

Income Tax assessing officers are generally of very suspicious nature and confront the assessee with very tricky questions during the course of assessment. The tax representative, therefore, has to be a very knowledgeable, experienced and an eloquent counsel to be able to derive full justice from the revenue authorities lest the client should face any harassment or undue_loss. We at Sai Associates take care of all your Income Tax related matters with our knowledgeable Expertise & provide you following related Services.


GST is a proposed system of indirect taxation in India merging most of the existing taxes into single system of taxation.

It was introduced by The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act 2016. The chairman of GST bill is union finance minister which is currently Arun Jaitley.GST would be a comprehensive indirect tax on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services throughout India, to replace taxes levied by the central and state governments.Goods and Services Tax would be levied and collected at each stage of sale or purchase of goods or services based on the input tax credit method.